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Hourly Prompts

Writing and art prompts for every hour of the day

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Name:Hourly Prompts
Website:Hourly Prompts Collection at AO3
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Community description:Writing and art prompts for every hour of the day
This blog is all about encouraging creative activities. Here you find general monthly lists containing the equivalent to 24 prompts per day of the year, as well as themed 24-prompt lists for extra inspiration. Feel free to use our prompts to create anything you wish: fanfiction, original fiction, fanart, original art, icons, banners, wallpapers, recs, meta, songs, AMVs, fanmixes, podcasts, crafts, apps, games, comics... Your imagination is the limit.

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If you're an AO3 user, you're welcome to add any and all creative works inspired by our prompts to the Hourly Prompts Collection at AO3.

Note: This comm replaces the old [ profile] hourlywritingprompts. But that blog will remain up for as long as Tumblr allows it to. So, you still can browse the prompts available there.
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